Heroine Addiction: The Princess's Doll Shop ft. Witlash and Moon

On this episode of Heroine Addiction, Isekai Sensei-Sama is joined by Witlash and Moon, moderators for r/OtomeIsekai, to talk about The Princess's Doll Shop.

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  1. This was a fun listen. I like listening to people talking about some of the darker OI series out there. I was also laughing when Moon and Witlash brought up Beatrice but refused to tell you about the discourse around it I was wondering if you were aware of that particular community talking point...

    Also, a small piece of advice about your Patreon, your tier rates are a bit high for a podcast of your size and relative to the benefits you offer. I support a few people on Patreon, but for the kinds of things you offer in your patreon benefits it doesn't seem worth it to many people relative to the cost. Creators usually start their beginner tiers closer to $1-2 and middle tiers are often around $3-5, anything higher is a huge ask for a lot of people (especially in this economy and since you're asking based on USD). Not to mention people are less willing to pay as much for podcasts as they do video or other content. Any creator that has higher rates offers a lot of patron bonuses that make up for the cost, so if you want to draw people to your patreon I strongly suggest lowering the membership prices a bit. Just a thought. Anyway I'll shut up now... 🤐

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I've adjusted things a little. I've been asking for what people want as Patreon bonuses but there hasn't really been feedback on that. I'd love to expand things on that side more but I don't want to spend time on things that no one wants.

    2. Hmm. Things I've seen podcasters do for patrons include
      1) patron shout outs for all patrons or just specific tiers (some people have fun with it and call out higher tier patrons in funny or creative ways)
      2) Exclusive access to bloopers/things cut out in editing
      3) Create patron milestones (if we get to x number of patrons we will review x series/hatewatch x anime/movie) usually a series that is particularly infamous or hated
      4) Extra content - (ex. Reviews of Japanese snacks, )
      5) Patron Read-alongs

  2. Oh and Q&As are another thing. Letting patrons ask questions that you answer during a podcast


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