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Adaptations, Adaptations, and an Adaptation (-or- Anime to Live Action, Manga to Anime, and Chainsaw Man)

They're on a roll! The Weeb Cabal is doing it's thing! Isekai Sensei-Sama, Bento Baggins, and Kermit D. Grog are adapting thoughts to words, and words into a podcast. Because why are anime to live action adaptations a thing? And who keeps adapting all of these manga into anime? And will the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation be better than the manga? Don't forget to find us on Twitter and YouTube, and subscribe so you don't miss new episodes. We'd love to hear from you, so send us a message or comment. If you have an Isekai question, email Isekai Sensei-Sama at and your question may be featured in a future episode.