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The Art of Anime and Manga, What Makes an Isekai, and Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

In their inaugural episode, Isekai Sensei-Sama, Kermit D. Grog, and Bento Baggins discuss how the art and style of an anime or manga affects their enjoyment of the story. They also go over what makes an Isekai story and why they aren't all bad. Finally, they discuss their recommendation of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End . If you have an Isekai question, email Isekai Sensei-Sama at and your question may be featured in a future episode.

Unbokksuing: Kansai Autumn

 The Weeb Cabal opens a Bokksu Subscription Box. This month's theme: Kansai Autumn . Get your own Bokksu.