Heroine Addiction Rubric

Content and Ideas Exceptionally original or interesting ideas are thoroughly developed in a way that has a lasting impact. Original ideas and plot points are present and are clearly developed. Character arcs are satisfying. Clear ideas and plot are present, but they are under developed or entirely unoriginal. Clear ideas and plot are present, but are severely underdeveloped. Major characters and arcs are introduced with out purpose or payoff. The story is unfocused and/or rambling.
Pacing/Structure Set-ups and payoffs are executed with precision. The story is told or framed in a way that maximizes the delivery. Pacing and organization are satisfying. Nothing feels rushed or drawn out. Pacing and organizational structure are effective, but there is room for improvement. It may have been too fast, too slow, or unintentionally confusing. The pacing is much too fast, much too slow, and/or difficult to parse. Information is presented in a way that completely fails to engage the reader. It is either incomprehensible or so poorly paced that th ereader loses interest.
Characters Characters feel like they could be real people. The reader finds it easy to relate to them and empathize with them as they navigate the plot. Distinct and interesting characters are established and developed. The irinteractions drive the story and create interesting drama and/or comedy. Distinct characters are established and behave in away that is consistent with their established motivations. They may be flat or uninteresting. Most or all characters are underdeveloped. Characters often behave in ways that go against their in-story motivations and established backgrounds. Most or all characters lack distinct personalities. Most or all character actions feel forced and illogical from that character's perspective.
Art Competency The artist displays such skilla nd talent that it is worth reading the comic for the art alone. The art elevates the story. The artist displays a mastery of their craft. The art is competent. It neither detracts from nor enhances the story being told. The art lacks competency. Inspite of this, the artist is able to communicate what is happening in the story to the audience. The art detracts from the story being told. It may be difficult to parse, or the mistakes make it difficult to take seriously.
Visual Effects/Stylistic Flourish The flourish and style are exceptional or innovative. Certain moments seem to come off the page. The visual effects and style add to the story and make it stand out amongst other comics. Effects are used where they should be used, but no effort was made to go the extra mile. No attempt was made to add visual effects. Visual Effects are used to the detriment of the image. They may make it harder to understand or they may make it visually unappealing.
Personal Preference Absolutely loved it. Wouldn't change a thing. Very positive toward the comic, but you can still think of some improvements. Generally positive toward the comic, but not your thing. Disliked it, but can understand its appeal to others. Absolutely hated it.
Recommendation Strength Strong recommendation to most people. Strong recommendation to genre fans. Weak recommendation to more general audiences. Weak recommendation to genre fans. Recommend to a very niche audience who wouldn't care about significant issues. Do not recommend to anyone.

Total: 0

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