Heroine Addiction Rubric

Content and Ideas Exceptionally original or interesting ideas are thoroughly developed in a way that has a lasting impact. Original ideas and plot points are present and are clearly developed. Character arcs are satisfying. Clear ideas and plot are present, but they are underdeveloped or entirely unoriginal. Clear ideas and plot are present, but are never developed. Major arcs are left unresolved. The story is unfocused and/or rambling. No themes or plot points are developed.
Pacing/Structure Everything flows perfectly. Nothing is forced or drawn out. Set ups and pay offs are executed with precision. Pacing and organization are satisfying. Plot elements and character arcs come together at the appropriate time. Pacing and organizational structure are effective, but there is room for improvement. The story can be understood but the pacing is still uncomfortable. Either much too fast or much too slow. The structure of the story is too confusing to be understood and/or the pacing is so fast or so slow that it affects your ability to follow the plot.
Characters All important characters are well developed with satisfying arcs. Relationships between the characters feel natural and fulfilling. Most important characters are well developed with satisfying arcs. Some characters may have been less developed or some arcs may have been wrapped up unsatisfactorily. Characters are interesting and somewhat relatable, but feel underdeveloped. Some arcs feel incomplete. Most or all characters are underdeveloped. Characters often behave in a way that is counter to their established motivations and personality for no discernable reason other than to move the plot along. Characters feel like pieces being moved around a board by a writer with no attempt at depth or development being made. Characters and their relationships with each other show no growth or change, or the change feels forced.
Art Competency Every frame is a painting. The art by itself is worth reading the comic for. The art is more than competent. The artist does interesting things that elevate the story being told. The art is competent. The artist has the fundamentals more or less down. The art doesn't harm the story in anyway, but it fails to elevate it either. There are series flaws with some of the fundamentals of the art, but the artist is able to get their point across without detracting too much from the story. There are major flaws in the fundamentals of the art. Perspective, layout, form, anatomy, and color are all incorrect in a way that is obviously not intentional.
Artistic Flourish The flourish and style are exceptional or innovative. Certain moments seem to come off the page. The flourish and style add to the story and make it stand out amongst other comics. The style creates a string atmosphere, and/or the special effects and layout make emotional moments pop. The flourish and style are adequate to the story. Effects are used where they should be used, but no effort was made to go the extra mile. No attempt at flourish or unique style was made. The flourishes and stylistic choices are annoying and in the way.
Personal Preference Absolutely loved it. Wouldn't change a thing. Very positive toward the comic, but you can still think of some improvements. Generally positive toward the comic, but not your thing. Disliked it, but can understand its appeal to others. Absolutely hated it.
Recommendation Strength Strong recommendation to most people. Strong recommendation to genre fans. Weak recommendation to more general audiences. Weak recommendation to genre fans. Recommend to a very niche audience who wouldn't care about significant issues. Do not recommend to anyone.

Total: 0

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