Heroine Addiction: This Isekai Maid is Forming a Union!

This episode of Heroine Addiction Bento Baggins and Isekai Sensei-Sama are discussion a series that is of a different kind: This Isekai Maid is Forming a Union! And there may be something special in the mix.

It's time for Heroine Addiction once again, and this time Bento Baggins is talking to Isekai Sensei-Sama about Solitary Lady.

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  1. This review did a pretty good job summing up a lot of my thoughts about this comic! Though I might have been a bit more generous in some of my ratings since this is a Webtoon CANVAS series. It would be interesting to see what this series could be with more resources.
    Also Yuri-baiting is absolutely a thing in OI, there are also so few GL (girl's love) OI manhwa out there (let alone explicit LGBT rep), so this is definitely an outlier!


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