Heroine Addiction: Concubine Walkthrough

Benton Baggins is back with Isekai Sensei-Sama for a new episode of Heroine Addiction! This month the series was a fan recommendation; Concubine Walkthrough.

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  1. Thanks for humoring my niche recommendation! Glad you both seemed to like some part of it even though it's a slowburn. I knew this would likely not be on your radar and was happy to get your honest opinions (I'm very curious if Kermit will like it ◉⁠‿⁠◉). This series is completed in Korea at 130 chapters so in a few months the English translation should catch up and you'll be able to judge whether it sticks it's landing (meanwhile I'm reading it week to week and dying because the tension and cliffhangers are off the hook.)
    I look forward to your opinions on Hourglass since it's a classic villainess manhwa!

  2. The rewinding on death mechanic is a nice touch; reminds me of Braid. Also some room for the players to utilize the Groundhog Day tricks; assuming they retain their memories.
    Podcast name recommendation: Isekai Reincarnated

  3. I honestly can't believe I found a podcast about my obscure interests. Someone on r/OtomeIsekai made a post about you and another podcast and that's how I found out about you guys. I really enjoyed listening.
    I'd like to recommend the villainess turns the hourglass, As you wish prince, ginger and the cursed prince, and beware the villainess.


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