Dense Female Lead Syndrome (DFLS)

Dense Female Lead Syndrome, or DFLS, is a recently described disorder that is becoming more prevalent in shoujo and josei manhwa. The following brief will give you an overview of the disorder and it's two primary types.

[Pictured: One of the most severe cases of DFLS we've ever seen]

[Source: My BFF is a Tyrant in Training]

DFLS Type I symptoms include a Female Lead being unable to see the signs of infatuation from the Male Lead or even secondary Male Leads. This can range from not picking up on subtle but obvious clues too, in the worst cases, outright rejecting the notion that a Male Lead just confessed their feelings. DFLS Type I usually won't be diagnosed until an appropriate amount of interaction has been reached with the Male Lead, as simply missing hints here and there is generally not serious enough to warrant a diagnosis.

DFLS Type II symptoms tend to be broader in definition than just the Female Lead's romantic interests, and will generally include a Female Lead being confused about the events taking place around her in spite of the fact that she was the instigator of those changes. DFLS Type II is almost exclusive to Female Leads who have been isekai'd or are going through a reincarnation cycle, as those cases will normally include the Female Lead striving to "change the story" or "not repeat the same mistakes".

While DFLS Type I & II are not mutually exclusive, Type I is a more common phenomena, while Type II tends to present alongside Type I in the cases mentioned.

If you suspect your Female Lead to be suffering from DFLS Type I or II, talk to your resident Isekai Sensei-Sama to find out about possible treatment options.

[Pictured: A Female Lead Overcoming DFLS]
[Editor's Note: While this image depicts a typical revelation leading to the 
cessation of DFLS, the Female Lead pictured was not diagnosed with DFLS and was determined by our experts to have just been so sheltered and overwhelmed through her reincarnation cycle as to have never even had time to think about romance.]

[Source: I Am The Real One]


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