Heroine Addiction - Scoring Rubric!

We came up with a rubric for rating our Otome Isekai. If you have any thoughts on how to improve it let us know in the comments.


  1. My only feedback is that romance should probably be an optional part of the rubric or be expanded to include other character relationships. Most OI feature romance, but it isn't a mandatory part of the genre. Otome isekai is really any isekai or isekai-like story targeted towards women and that includes a lot of stuff with limited romance.

    There are alot of OI that don't feature romance until late in the story or develop their romance very slowly (you came across this a bit with Stepmother's Märchen) so stories which have gradual romantic development, or are 90% composed of the female lead being a child or minor might unfairly lose points because they haven't gotten to the romance arc yet or choose to focus on other things. Lack of romance doesn't necessarily mean a series lacks quality.
    And there a many OI which sideline romance but prioritize relationships with side characters (children, friends, family or found family dynamics, relationships with allies and antagonists etc.), Or simply focus on worldbuilding or adventure with no clear romantic lead. So maybe the romance category could be substituted with something like 'Character Relationships' so it can evaluate character relationships more holistically (both romantic and non-romantic). This way series like Stepmother's Märchen which really shine when it comes to family dynamics won't lose out just because romance isn't the primary focus.

    1. That's a good a point. I think maybe we should replace "Romance" with "Characters". This is just off the top of my head, but maybe it could go something like:
      5 - All important characters are well developed with satisfying arcs. Relationships between the characters feel natural and fulfilling.
      4 - Most important characters are well developed with satisfying arcs. Some characters may have been less developed or some arcs may have been wrapped up unsatisfactorily.
      3 - Characters are interesting and somewhat relatable, but feel underdeveloped. Some arcs feel incomplete.
      2 - Most or all characters are underdeveloped. Characters often behave in a way that is counter to their established motivations and personality for no discernable reason other than to move the plot along.
      1 - Characters feel like pieces being moved around a board by a writer with no attempt at depth or development being made. Characters and their relationships with each other show no growth or change, or the change feels forced.

  2. Great feedback! I think I agree. While everything we've covered so far has romance as a central part of the story, there are some we may cover that don't. Maybe it's just "Relationships" or something like that, and it will be based on all their relationships. Finoa's relationship with Able comes to mind, where I think the romance with Sigren is great but I also love the Father/Daughter dynamic.
    Actually, now that I think about it, Little Lion Daughter has basically no romance at this point but has some of the best relationships I've read, so it's really important to cover the whole spectrum.


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